How your merch can make your marketing work harder in 2019

How your merch can make your marketing work harder in 2019

What are your business goals for 2019? If your answer is anything along the lines of wanting to convert more sales or boost the bottom line, it’s time to start considering how you can do things differently. You can’t expect the same repeated actions to return a different result. Instead, let’s have a look at introducing something new in the mix to allow your marketing and sales efforts to work harder in 2019.

Branded merchandise is the key to success for many businesses. With minimal outlay, merchandise marketing can push your other campaigns further, boost awareness and brand advocacy and can strengthen existing relationships you have with your current consumers, employees, prospective customers and high performing staff. It can also increase the likelihood that a new customer will give you a try and perhaps most importantly, can elevate your brand positioning to place you side-by-side with the giants in your industry. Ready to kick those 2019 goals? Let’s take a look at how branded merch will help you get there.

It compliments your other marketing efforts

Successful marketing is all about creating consistent touchpoints that work together to form a more complete picture of your brand. The more times your story is told, the more likely people are to start believing it and therefore more likely to take action based on those beliefs. This is why cohesion is so important when developing a marketing plan for your retail business. If you can develop and execute a comprehensive strategy that includes branded products, it becomes easier to corroborate your brand values, your messaging and ultimately the quality of your brand. It’s about creating a memorable experience.

It can get your brand seen by more people + encourage brand advocacy

One of the drivers of a successful campaign for your retail business is to increase the number of times someone sees or interacts with it. Consumers are unlikely to make a purchase the very first time they become aware of you, so giving them as much exposure as possible will help to increase sales down the line. But how does branded merchandise help to achieve this goal? People love something for nothing, there’s no doubt about that. Especially if what they receive is of some value to them, they’ll likely use it often and even tell their friends about it (hopefully on social media). Whether you hand out or sell your merch at an event, offer it as a free gift with another purchase or provide it to staff as a reward for top performances, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that people are being exposed to your brand on a regular basis and, if the experience is a good one, are likely to share this exposure with others around them.

It can build stronger connections with your target market

When it comes to business, loyal customers are everything. In fact, around 80% of future business comes from around 20% of your current customers. Loyal customers also cost less to retain than to acquire new customers and tend to refer you to around double the amount of people. This is why building deep and lasting relationships with your current customers is so critical. As previously mentioned, people love to get something for nothing; it makes them feel like they’ve had a win and that they’re valued. It also encourages them to reciprocate the favour with a similarly positive act in return. So, if you’re looking to increase your bottom line, try connecting with your current customers and acknowledging their actions by rewarding them with your merch. This could be for referrals to your business, demonstrating loyalty, for reaching customer milestones and for special occasions like their birthday or engagement.

It can persuade new customers to try your brand

Offering branded merchandise for either retail sale or to use as a complimentary gift puts your brand in front of people who might not otherwise have thought twice about you. Especially if the audience is not an existing customer to one of your competitors, offering your merch to someone who knows little about you can put you at a competitive advantage over others in your industry. When the time comes that they want or need one of your products or services, your brand will be at the top of the consumers mind and therefore more likely to convert a sale.

It can elevate your positioning

Including branded merchandise into your marketing strategy is also a great way to elevate your positioning. By utilising quality merchandise to attach your logo to, consumers automatically perceive a higher value in your brand. Not only can this be achieved by using good quality merchandise, but using the stock of global brands like Nike, Ascolour, The North Face and Gildan can establish a connection between the quality of that brand and your own, creating more leads and allowing you to sell with confidence. Theses major companies have significant brand equity and can assist with the perceived value of your brand too.

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