Eco-friendly products from a company that cares.

High-quality merchandise sourced, supplied and decorated sustainably.

Lifestyle Australia can brand just about any eco-friendly product.

With the growing popularity of sustainable lifestyles, eco-friendly promotional products and accessories are becoming a fast favourite among consumers across the board. At Lifestyle Australia, we can help you by sourcing, branding and delivering high-quality eco-friendly products for your business. Whether you intend to use them in-house or give them away as gifts, eco-friendly merchandise allows you to send a positive message to your customers about how you’re contributing to a sustainable future. As a giveaway, it can also provide them with useful homewares and accessories that can be reutilised into the future while constantly reminding them of your brand.

Reusable Straws

Bamboo Accessories


Eco Bags


Notebooks & Stationery

Travel Cups


And heaps more!

Can’t see what you’re after above? We can organise customised quotes on just about any product – just tell us what you’re after!




Our expert team can embroider artwork and logos on to a wide range of promotional products and materials.

Digital Heat Transfer

Digital Heat Transfer

Heat transferring is the perfect way to recreate extreme detail and multiple colours without inks or screens.



Supacolour combines traditional & digital transfer printing, perfect for superb quality and high detail prints.



With experienced hands, our team are masters at screen printing through woven mesh on to a wide range of fabrics and large format applications.



This technique uses heat sensitive inks, so the print on garments looks bright even after many washes.



Applique involves computer-assisted embroidery using a variety of materials like felt & twill to create a 3D effect.



Using heat & pressure, our specialist team can depress an image into leather, suede or other fabrics to create 3D branding.

Custom Trimming

Custom Trimming

We can complement your products with custom trims like care labels, zip pullers, neck tape and more. Great for boosting your brand.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Using a laser to mark your merch, our team can create unique and elegant branding on things like bottles, glassware & pens.

Retail Ready

Retail Ready

To complete the look and feel of your merch, we can provide high-quality finishing & packaging solutions for all products.

Reducing our environmental impacts

Lifestyle Australia is at the forefront of clean practice within the screen printing and branded merchandise industry and continues to innovate and develop best practices to meet and exceed stringent environmental requirements. Our custom-built factory has an abundance of natural light such that artificial light is seldom required during production on the factory floor.

Renewable energy powered by solar panels

We have a 100kw Solar Power System that significantly reduces our dependence non-renewable energy sources - this can run up to 20 houses!

Rain water tanks

We have a 60,000-litre rainwater tank - that's equivalent of 10,000 toilet flushes! We use the rainwater to wash all screens before and after.


We use recycled cardboard boxes and all paper products are recycled - winning! Our waste is regularly monitored by the GCCC which helps us to stay ahead of best practices within our industry.

Common FAQ’s

What kind of eco-friendly materials can you offer?

When going eco-friendly, the most important things to consider are how the materials impact the environment and how durable they are to allow for reuse into the future. At Lifestyle Australia, we can provide products made from sustainable and hard-wearing materials like bamboo, calico, metal, fabric, glass, wood and more.

Are you able to brand reusable straws with my logo?

We sure are! Utilising a branding technique called laser engraving, our team can engrave metal straws with your logo or business name. This technique works wonderfully on curved products, making it perfect for reusable straws and tableware.

I have a specific product in mind. Are you able to source it and put my branding on it?

Lifestyle Australia have a wide range of suppliers both locally and around the globe. If you have a particular product in mind, we will either source it from your chosen manufacturer or find a similar product at a competitive price. We can then brand it for you using one of our many application processes, depending on the type of product you have chosen.

Why choose Lifestyle Australia for your Corporate Branding?

Quality assured, every time

Our team conduct rigorous quality testing throughout the entire production process to ensure every product that leaves our doors will exceed client expectations. If something isn’t 100% right, we won’t approve it for post.

A dedicated, in-house team

With state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house embellishment team, we don’t have the need to subcontract our jobs to other agencies. This means that you have one account manager, directing one internal team.

The extra dollop

At Lifestyle Australia, we’re only happy when you are. That’s why we always go the extra mile to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with every part of our partnership, from planning and coordination to production and beyond.

Meet your dedicated eco-friendly merchandise team

Lifestyle Australia is dedicated to providing businesses with environmentally friendly promotional merchandise and giftware they need to uphold their sustainability values. As a cause close to our hearts, we love finding creative ways to turn eco-friendly products into fantastic business accessories, customer freebies and loyal client gifts. With extensive experience sourcing high-quality sustainable goods, Lifestyle Australia is your one-stop-shop for long-lasting merch that sends a message to your audience.

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