Branded Solutions

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Finishing and Packaging is a core solution we provide at Lifestyle Australia for both small and large businesses.  Many companies have great brands, designs & characters, but getting them to market is not their specialty and the pure logistics can be very complicated. Our team makes the production, finishing & packaging process a breeze.


We can provide folding service to ensure your product is packaged with care

Swing Tagging

For the ultimate brand experience we can provide custom made swing tags to compliment your products


Need barcodes added to your production? No worries!


With complete in-house finishing, your branded merchandise can be delivered shelf-ready


Our 3,500sqm factory is equipped with heaps of storage room if you don't require all of your products immediately


We're always on hand to help track, re-direct, or re-schedule your delivery

Take a virtual tour of our South East Queensland Facility