Ethical and sustainable merchandise supply with Lifestyle Australia

Ethical and sustainable merchandise supply with Lifestyle Australia

Corporate Social Responsibility is more important for business than ever before.

As awareness grows, consumers now expect that businesses are implementing ethical and sustainable practices throughout all parts of their operation. 

And those who don’t are likely to get left behind.  

At Lifestyle Australia, we pride ourselves on exceeding the Corporate Social Responsibility objectives we set for ourselves, ensuring our clients can retain a responsible image.

We believe by evolving our work processes, we can provide a more socially responsible environment for our employees and a more sustainable service to our clients. 

Ethical Alignment with Suppliers

Lifestyle Australia has developed long-standing affiliations with our suppliers largely due to the fact that their company values align with our own. 

Many of our clients strive to engage in ethical practices and we support them in their mission by partnering with a range of suppliers that share the same values. 

Not only does this allow our clients to maintain a responsible supply chain, but it also helps them to differentiate themselves from competitors and make themselves more attractive to consumers. 

Introducing Alternative Energy and Water Consumption Practices

As a large Australian company, Lifestyle Australia understands that it has a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. 

For this reason, we’re actively reducing energy consumption by implementing solar power and utilising rainwater through harvesting tanks in our factory. 

Through making these changes, we’re able to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint while lowering costs and offering a more sustainable supply chain for clients who do business with us. 

Sustainable Production Methods and Product Materials

At Lifestyle Australia, we continually review our methods and materials to ensure we are operating with sustainable products and processes wherever possible.

Through sourcing sustainable materials and engaging in responsible production methods, Lifestyle Australia is able to offer eco-friendly product options that align with client values and deliver a unique merchandise solution to the end consumer.   

Fair Treatment of Employees

The most valuable resource at Lifestyle Australia is our employees. 

With our production history dating back over 40 years, we have a strong understanding of our employees’ valuable position within our company. 

At Lifestyle Australia, we believe a strong work culture serves to positively impact bottom lines – both our clients’ and our own. 

Happy employees are more likely to go the extra mile and deliver results beyond what is expected by the client. 

That’s why we’re committed to ensuring all of our employees are properly trained, operate in safe working environments and are always treated respectfully.

Our Promise to our Clients

Our recent innovations are just the beginning for us. Our plans are directed at consistently improving our relationships with our employees, suppliers and with the environment.

With a transparent approach to our corporate social responsibility initiatives, our promise to our existing and future clients is that we will continuously strive for better overall corporate social responsibility.

If you want to find out more about our corporate social responsibility objectives and initiatives – don’t hesitate to get in touch and have a chat with our team today.