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What are your business goals for 2019? If your answer is anything along the lines of wanting to convert more sales or boost the bottom line, it’s time to start considering how you can do things differently. You can’t expect the same repeated actions to return a different result. Instead, let’s have a look at introducing something new in the mix to allow your marketing and sales efforts to work harder in 2019.

Since the Federation of Australia right through to present day, Parliament and other governing bodies have campaigned the substantial benefits of purchasing home-made and home-grown. With the intention of establishing a solid local manufacturing profile, this enduring ideology has been adopted by countless Aussie consumers over time and remains to this day a significant factor in the purchasing decision-making process.

Digital printing is a great substitute for traditional print. Over the last few years, the graphic printing and the textile printing industries have adopted digital printing methods.The primary reasons behind the progression to digital printing are the opportunities of personalised printing, cost-efficiency, and flexibility of the machines.