Application Process Know-How

Application Process Know-How

Does the sheer endless possibility of what you can do with branded merchandise make your brain go fuzzy? Don’t worry, we’ve collated the most common application processes into one blog so you can get to know them better!Whether you’re after a professional-feel or something a little more edgy and new-wave, we can custom-craft any product to meet the unique requirements of your business so first off, remember that if you don’t see below what you’re after don’t hesitate to request it! But without further ado, let’s get into the top application processes available with Lifestyle Australia.


High density decorative stitching on fabric that evolved from hand work to today’s high-speed, computerised multi-head machines. With state of the art embroidery equipment, thread and digitising software, Lifestyle Australia can embroider artwork and logos onto a wide range of apparel products. We use a range of techniques including Satin stitch, Fill stitch, Chain stitch, Applique, 3D Embroidery & Quilting.


Digital Heat Transfer

The process of transferring images to a large variety of products without inks or screens is possible with heat transfer application technology. Perfect for waterproof fabrics, Lifestyle’s heat transfer process supports extreme detail and is designed for logos with many colours.




Supacolour is a cost-effective decoration that simplifies the branding process. The colour is produced digitally, with photographic quality and high detail. The process uses a hybrid of digital and traditional transfer printing, reducing the need for any weeding, colour fill, or bleed around small lettering.



Dye sublimation is produced by printing sublimation ink onto transfer paper, and then heat pressing it on to the product. Commonly used for apparel, can coolers, mugs and mouse pads, sublimation is perfect for producing vivid, full colour images. Sublimation stays vibrant and cannot be washed out.



Using computer assisted sewing machines, applique combines direct embroidery and a variety of optional materials such as: wool felt, acrylic felt, polyester twill, cotton twill and much more to create countless decoration choices. Applique is great for large areas and creates somewhat of a 3D image.


Screen Printing

A printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. All of our inks are phthalate and PVC free, continuing our commitment to the environment. Plastisol inks are predominately used making this the ideal decoration for a variety of fabrics and large format applications, at a low cost.


Custom Trims

With custom indent product comes the ability to create custom trims for your merchandise. This can include zip pullers, neck tape, care labels, etc and is a great way to compliment other decorating options. This is also an excellent technique to further enhance your product  and your brand image.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving produces a permanent natural finish using a laser to mark the product. Different materials produce different effects, creating unique and permanent branding solutions. As a more cost-effective option than etching, laser engraving can work beautifully on curved or uneven products such as glassware and pens.


Interested in developing custom merchandise for your business?  talk to us today to discuss your branded solution and execution strategy!