4 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

4 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Promotional merch and giveaways can be a great catalyst for boosting brand awareness and improving your conversions, especially if you’re a new or small business. Unless you’ve been graced with the luck o’ the Irish, most business owners will understand the struggle of getting brand awareness and brand loyalty up off the ground. Here’s four great ways promotional products can help your business.

#1 Initiate brand loyalty

A necessary aspect of every business is to ensure genuine customer engagement with your brand. It’s a basic human tendency to look for something a little extra out of every opportunity, and there is no exception when it comes to a potential customer’s first exposure to your brand. Want to grasp this new customer’s attention, why not try a gift? You see this often enough on most commerce websites offering 10 or 20% off when a user first signs up, and the fact is, this method of ‘gifting’ is a surefire way to convert new customers.

A gift is a gesture of care, of attention or special treatment. Studies prove that when you connect with your customers on a personal basis, their decisions skew towards your brand over one that has had no personalised interaction. Distributing gifts to your existing and potential customers enhances the customer experience, boost customer loyalty and ultimately increases your chances of successful conversions.

#2 Maximise conversions with minimum intestment

Small businesses often have a limited budget when it comes executing a good marketing or advertising strategy. Promotional products or promotional merchandise can be a solution to your problem; a gift, no matter how small, can prove to be a great asset in increasing and maintaining customer loyalty – it shows your customers that you care.

#3 Develop good customer relationships

One of the most significant benefits of promotional products is creating unique experiences and building meaningful connections. What makes you different from the next small business, or big enterprise, that is doing the same thing? Find your unique selling point and leverage it to create effective merch that communicates a message, launching your business into the tangible world and slowly but surely integrating brand awareness into your customers’ every day lives.

A happy customer will not only be repeat buyer but help to spread your business via reccommendation to their friends, family and co-workers.

Social media is also great platform to connect with your customers. Create giveaway contests on social media and give winning customers free movie tickets, concert passes or promotional products for simply interacting in a positive way with your brand. A boost in engagement and positive interaction will expand your social network among suppliers, partners, business professionals, and potential and existing customers.

#4 Strong commitment = customer retention

To keep your clients committed to your brand, show them you’re committed to them, as customers. Focusing on existing customers is crucial—a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Before targeting potential customers, ensure the stability of your existing customers by showing you care. Gift your existing clients (be it a personalised note in their next package, free promo items, a quick email or a direct tag on social media to say thank you) to prove you value their loyalty and commitment to your business.

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