What does it mean to buy Australian made?

What does it mean to buy Australian made?

Since the Federation of Australia right through to present day, Parliament and other governing bodies have campaigned the substantial benefits of purchasing home-made and home-grown. With the intention of establishing a solid local manufacturing profile, this enduring ideology has been adopted by countless Aussie consumers over time and remains to this day a significant factor in the purchasing decision-making process.

In such a globally-connected society, why then do so many Aussies still favour Australian Made? Aside from the key tenet of patriotism, there are so many reasons Aussies prefer to purchase Aussie Made over imported goods and services.

It’s know & trusted

One of the primary reasons Aussies love to buy Australian Made is the fact that it’s well-known and highly trusted. According to Roy Morgan (2012), 98.8% of Aussie consumers instantly recognise the logo and 91.9% are influenced by the logo’s presence when making a purchasing decision. Consumers intuitively stick in the realm of the known, so if a product bares the Australian Made logo, they will likely trust this product over one with an unspecified or unfavourable place of origin.

It’s Authentic

Having accreditation from a reputable third-party like Australian Made gives Aussie consumers’ confidence that a product is genuinely Australian. As the AM logo is a registered certification trademark, any product sporting their logo is required to meet a set of stringent criteria in order to earn the right to use it. These criteria are set out by Australian Consumer Law as well as an internal code of practice stipulated by Australian Made, ensuring that any product adorned with its logo is utterly authentic.

It sets the standard for Aussie Quality

Aussie’s set high standards for just about everything we see and do, from personal standards right through to the standards of the product and services we acquire. This is one of the primary ideologies behind the distribution of the AM logo, which proudly corresponds with the exceptionally high standards we hold for production and manufacturing in Australia. Owing to our desire for superior quality, Aussie consumers are generally willing to pay a higher price for authentic Aussie products.

It encourages nation-wide prosperity

While purchasing Australian Made goods delivers a range of benefits directly to you (and your consumers), it’s also incredibly advantageous to our country as a whole. This is evident through a range of flow-on effects felt by our economy. According to Industry Capability Network (2012), for every $1million of either new or retained business in the manufacturing and services sectors, the Australian economy benefits in the following ways:

  • $837,500 worth of gross value-added generated
  • 8 full-time equivalent jobs created
  • $85,300 worth of welfare expenditure saved
  • $264,500 worth of tax revenue generated

Lifestyle Australia – it’s all in the name!

We wear the name ‘Australia’ in our title with honour. This we do as testament to our foundations of Australian owned and operated, but also to showcase our unwavering commitment to source and supply Australian Made products wherever viable. As proud members of the Australian Made campaign and Ethical Clothing Australia, we consistently operate with a strong focus on corporate and environmental responsibilities.

For this reason, Lifestyle Australia have built solid relationships with various key suppliers to acquire high-quality, authentically Australian merchandise for use in our manufacturing and embellishment processes. At present, our team have access to a variety of high-quality Australian Made uniforms, sports uniforms, workwear and headwear as well as a range of promotional items and giveaways, however we consistently endeavour to source specific AM items as requested by our clients. 

If you share our passion for high-quality Australian products, get in touch with us today and let’s start discussing ways in which we can maximise local industry networks for your business.